Terms And Conditions

What you need to take care when you join a tour to –

Clear your head about the adventure tour you are about to join. You are about to sign up for an absolute adventure. You will take a stand against nature, extreme cold and unpredictable climate. The ride will be exhausting, tiring and full of uncertainties.

You must well be informed and well-equipped for the adventure.

Here below is the directory of specifics to adventurer

1. Payment Terms
2. Cancellation Policy
3. COVID 19 Policy
4. Destination Specific 'Must Know' Information
5. General Pre-Tour Instructions
6. Code of Conduct on tour
7. Code of Conduct in Force majeure situation
8. 1. Payment Policy
    In case, the balance payment is not made by the date specified in our Email, your booking will be treated as cancelled, and the booking amount will be forfeited.

    2. Standard Cancellation Policy (Deductions)
    Non-Refundable Amount- Booking Amount
    45 to 30 days before the tour - 25 %
    Below 29 days or not travelling - 100 %

9. A participant can, at any moment before the commencement day of the tour, cancel your register for that particular tour, it is, however, important that we receive the information about your travel cancellation in writing

10. The tour could be cancelled or delayed before the commencement, in case minimum participation is not attained, in such a case we shall inform you immediately and also return the total amount collected from you

A. Standard Refund Policy
- Registration/Booking amount will be non-refundable (Forfeited) and the balance amount after deducting the registration amount and GST amount, Balance will be refunded the same will be processed in 30 working days after confirmation from our side and the amount being becoming eligible for a refund.
- In case of a no-show to the starting point for any indifferent reasons, Dream Riders are not liable to refund any amount paid.

    3. Covid Cancellation Policy
A. When are you eligible for a refund?
- If Full Lockdown is in your City / State or in your travelling City / State as per government notification.
- If you get Covid Positive within 7 days of the Commencement of the Journey. (Against production of RT-PCR Report. Such communication along with the RT-PCR report should reach us before the start of the Trip Date. (i.e., if the Trip starts on 3rd April, we should be intimated before 19:00 hours of 2nd April with the RT-PCR report).

B. When are you not eligible for a refund?
- If you are concerned about Covid or you are self-isolating without being covid positive or on the pretext of being positive without RT-PCR.
- If one person in the entire group gets positive, then the rest of the persons from the entire group of people travelling are not eligible for a refund.
- In case a person becomes Covid positive or shows any kind of Covid symptoms or any other medical emergency, on the start date of the tour or in between the tour, in such a case, any kind of Cancellation or refund request will not be entertained and all the consequences arising out of it will solely be the travellers’ responsibility including quarantine stay or any additional expenses like stay or any other related to it.

C. Covid Cancellation Refund Policy
- In case you are eligible in the Covid policy as mentioned above, you will get the amount paid in the form of a Dream Voucher, which is valid for use for 12 months, starting from the date of booking.
- For convenience, you can either use this voucher for yourself or you can transfer this to your friends or relatives, validity remaining the same.

Destination Specific 'Must Know' Information–

Ladakh / Zanskar

• When flying to Leh directly , take the necessary actions to cope with sudden changes in altitude. You are advised not to roam around upon reaching the hotel on day 1. Keep your body hydrated. Keep a safe distance from alcohol and smoking on the arrival day at Leh.
• Keep necessary clothing essential with you for the tour. Do not rely on shopping for the necessities on arrival in the local market.
• If you have a pre-existing heart condition or lung issues, visit your doctor and discuss your travel plan beforehand. Bring the necessary medicine to the tour from your hometown.
• Keep ample time gap while booking the return flight from Srinagar / Delhi. You must reach 3 hours prior to the departure time from the Srinagar airport

Arunachal / Tawang

• Vaccinations taken outside India are not considered valid at Guwahati. Such individuals will be requested to present RTPCR negative report within a certain time limit.
• Aadhar card is not valid to prove your citizenship. Please carry your Passport / Voter ID to prove your nationality (To get the necessary Inner Line Permit to Bumla and other restricted regions)


• Aadhar card is not useful to get the necessary Inner Line Permit to the North and East Sikkim. Please carry your Passport / Voter ID to prove your nationality.
• Be ready to become a time bound person. The checkpoints can be crossed before a specified time only. If you reach late, Army won’t permit you get through to the destination.


• Vaccinations taken outside India are not considered valid at Guwahati. Such individuals will be requested to present RTPCR negative report within a certain time limit.
• Never forget that you are about the explore Meghalaya. Trekking, Hiking and Rains are a part of the adventure. Good outdoor shoes with nice grip (preferably waterproof) and raincoat (jacket and pant) are must.

Spiti Valley / Pangi

• Please confirm about the check-in and checkout time with the team of the Manali hotel.
• Keep raincoats and winter clothes ready for the tour.


• Reach Siliguri airport (Bagdogra)on the specified time.
• Please share the necessary documents with the team required to procure your visa.
• Carry the original documents (submitted) and support documents.

General Pre-Tour Instructions

• Kindly have a clear mindset before joining ride. We are not conducting an ordinary tour but an adventure tour – an expedition. You must be ready to accept the limited availability of resource and be happy with what you get, be it food, accommodation or services. Contact the team if you have any further doubt.
• Please plan your flight & Bus to the start point and the end time with appropriate time gap to avoid an uncomfortable situation.
• Airport pick-up and drop will be done in group (In a coach or tempo traveler) if mentioned in the itinerary sent. Individual pick up or drop request cannot be fulfilled or will be on chargeable basis with a request on email.
• Sleeping bags are not required at the tents as the mattress and blankets shall be provided.
• The company holds right to discounts and pricing policy. Dream Riders Mototouring may discriminate in prices for a group or individual as per discretion. No queries or objection would be entertained.
• Trolley Bags are strictly not allowed. Also do not request even to make it a special case in all Budget & Backpacking tours.
• Please minimise the luggage to a single bag pack. Kindly understand the limited luggage capacity issue and avoid bringing unnecessary stuff on the trip. To be precise, your total baggage per person shall not be more than 15 Kgs. In case, it exceeds, it will be charged Rs. 1000/- per Kg in all Budget & Backpacking tours.
• The tour could be cancelled or delayed before the commencement, in case minimum participation is not attained. In such a case we shall inform you immediately and also return the total amount collected from you. We are not responsible for any flight / Train cancellation charges which you may have to incur arising out of this situation.
• We request you to keep buffer days in hand.
• Please carry any two of these on the tour - Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport and Driving License compulsory for all Riders.

Specific to Motorcycle Trip

• Charges for rented riding gears are not covered in the package. The riding gears are available separately on rent. Contact the team to confirm the availability and to book the gears. The due rent should be cleared before the trip.
• The cost of any accessory- ropes, bungee, jerry can etc, is not included & can be bought by the Rider separately.
• Make a mind about the adventure tour you are about to join. It is a motorcycle trip which needs you to adapt to the situations you might be uncomfortable in extreme situation – Not so the cozy home environment, only cold or freezing water for shower, travel not as per the planned itinerary. There are a lot of things that may happen resulting from numerous reasons beyond our control. “I am cool about it and I will enjoy the tour” that should be your spirit on the tour.

Specific to Backpacking Trip / SUV traveller

• SUV shall be provided if there are at least three travellers in the premium tours. In case of lesser number, or else traveller(s) will have to join in Support Vehicle.
• Backpacking tours are not meant for everyone. Why do we say that? Because one has to be adaptable to every condition on such tour – No cozy facilities at Homestay / hotels, change in itinerary due to natural reasons etc. Accept everything with grace and become a true Backpacking adventure. An adventure which you will remember for life.

Code of Conduct on tour

• Inappropriate behaviour or harassment of women passenger in any course – verbal or physical shall not be tolerated. In any such case, the individual’s tour will be terminated at the same time & the operator will not be liable to refund any amount.
• Please enjoy responsibly while on the tour without causing discomfort or inconvenience to fellow travellers. Nuisance creator shall be dealt with strictly and may attract termination to tour at that point.
• Dream Riders Mototouring LLP do not assure to fit in everyone in the same hotels or tents. Hence, the group will be divided between hotel as we may dim fit to accommodate.
• We are not responsible for any accidents which occur in or around irresponsible behavior or for any accidents.
• The traveller is requested to adhere with the rules mentioned by Dream Riders Mototouring LLP & tour Manager. We will not tolerate any sort of negligent driving or riding. Any behavior which causes delay, non-completion, or poses harm to fellow travellers, shall result in ad-hoc termination of the individuals’ tour without refund. The decision taken by the management will be final and non-negotiable.
• We take care of the luggage as our own, you shall be responsible for your belongings. Please make sure of loading & unloading your luggage in vehicle. Dream riders is not responsible to transport the luggage if it is left behind in the last destination.
• Keep an utmost care of the valuables (wallet, cash, jewelry or any other electronic gadgets) you carry on the tour. The Dream Riders Group or the representative on the tour is not responsible for theft of any valuables or to refund for the losses.
• The package covers cost of specified stays at the specified destination. When a traveller decides to leave the group and stay back or travel on his own, the cost of additional stay & transit shall be payable by the traveller him/herself.

Terms Specific to Motorcycle Tours

• If a travellers or the group of travellers decide to quit at any point other than destination, the cost of transportation of bike to the end destination shall be paid by rider or this would be deducted from the security deposit.
• In case of normal wear and tear, i.e.,clutch wire, brake wire, accelerator wire breakdown, shall not be charged. The customer shall be responsible and payable for any major damage due to accident or rash riding & cost of components – break pad, clutch plate, Lights, Lamps or any structural deformation. In case of extensive damage, the cost will be recovered fully from the customer on the cost basis. In case of complete damage, bringing the bike to cease, the customer shall be responsible to pay the difference between new purchase and insurance claim.
• Being a machine, the bikes are prone to break down on these terrains. The mechanic requires due time as per the mechanical failure and may take a lot longer than you expected. In case of unrepairable breakdown of machine, rider(s) will be required to travel in service vehicle to the nearest ‘Big town’ where we may procure the necessary.
• If There is any issue between Manali & Leh Bike Rental Association, It is possible that you might not get bike from Manali to Leh, or Leh to Manali depending on the itinerary. In such a case, you will have to travel in a 4-Wheeler and we will not entertain any claims for lost days of Bike ride. In such a case, if you wish to cancel your trip, we will not be in a position to refund any amount on this ground.

Code of Conduct in Force majeure situation

• The Tour Manager / Road Captain is always right.
• The tour manager / Road Captain reserves the right to take call for trip extension or to change the route on his own discretion. The captain is always right.
• The management cannot control road conditions, weather, natural, or political forces. These can change in moment hence the tour manager will take reactive response for the safety and wellness of the group. Non-co-operation on such times may pose risks to lives of rest of the group and hence can attract an immediate termination of tour of such individual. No refunds shall be provided to them.
• There may be changes in the route and final program due to any unforeseen circumstances. We will not entertain complaints of skipping destination if the decision improves the safety of the whole group.
• Any additional cost of transportation/accommodation arising due to such extension shall be borne equally by the group & is payable on the spot.
• The full amount will be forfeited in cancellations on the riders’ end due to natural disasters or political turmoil.
• Dream Riders Mototouring shall not be responsible for missing flight, rescheduling cost or post-ride travel plans losses arising due to trip extension or cancellation.
When it is unsafe to travel on motorcycle (due to a natural calamity or political turmoil), Arrangements of four Wheelers will be made to the closest safe location. The expenses shall be paid equally by all the riders. (Specifically for the bikers)