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It is not an ordinary road to be taken. Harsh roads, extreme weather, accompanied with stunning sceneries is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, it tests your physical and mental strength.

Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

Srinagar To Manali Bike Tour Via Leh

Ladakh, the curtains of valleys and desire of mountains invites you, Oye Riders, to a journey unseen, led by our experts. Let’s embark on a journey to the zig zag snowy roads, as you ride along the dancing waters of Zanskar lake and let its beats overpower you, touching and climbing its sides as it gets deep settled in your memories. Let’s go and crown the terrace of the world, let’s go to the spiritual eye of Buddha, let’s head to the blowing winds, holding your hands amidst the cold whistles. The dream of the riders and the soul of those who ride, it is the place which wags your desire to get swayed in the scenic mirages.

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Day-wise itinerary as you witness the route

Motorcycle Tour Route Details

Day 1 - Arrival at Srinagar

Hi Adventure Seeker. Welcome onboard. Hotel check-in starts by 12 so please reach the notified hotel before evening. After checking in, wander around the city if you wish. In the evening, we shall meet again, and exchange regards with the fellow riders. After the ‘Knowledge Overdose Session’ for the whole ride, feel free to ask as many questions as you want. After this difficult to bear hours, next comes tasty food and great sleep, you will be deemed fit for the ride.

Day 2 - Srinagar to Sonmarg (80 Km)

Wake up early & reach the parking with all your luggage for the trip. Keep your belongings in the luggage vehicle. Test the bike allotted to you & inform the team of adjustments if any. Come back after breakfast as we head to Sonmarg. The distant mountains seem walking closer to you. You find yourself getting comfortable with the bike and the chilly weather on the relatively short ride. When we reach Sonamarg, the hilly surrounding of Sonamarg clarifies your doubt why it is called ‘Paradise on Earth’. We enjoy the meal at hotel gazing the hills.

Day 3 - Sonmarg to Kargil (140 Km)

Soon after we leave Sonmarg, we start ascending Zozi la, the infamous pass. Innumerous factors make the roads unpredictable and scary even for a local. It dares you to look below at the scariest George. This treacherous drive takes you to the second coldest inhabited town of Dras.

Day 4 - Kargil to Leh (240 Km)

We walk past the historic city to cruise on NH 1D again. Unlike yesterday’s terrain, we glide through two higher passes Namika La (12,139 feet) and Fotu La (13,478 feet). Lowered carb power or a headache is a mere symptom that you are flying high.

Day 5 - Rest Day at Leh

'I can sense Oxygen. I am free to wander around’. After riding on such rugged terrains, the bike needs a complete checkup. So, leave the bike at the hotel for maintenance & use the local commuting vehicles – use public transport or rent a car. On the leisure day, unleash the lone wolf & explore various parts of the Leh city, like the Namgyal Palace, Tibetan market, Shanti Stupa, Thiksey monastery, Leh Palace, Shey Palace and numerous monasteries.

Day 6 - Leh to Pangong (180 Km)

The day starts with a mix of excitement and nervousness for riders as well as Bollywood enthusiast. We start riding away from Leh to Chang La pass; the roads do not let feel the bump in the bum for a while. Eventually, it reminds you where you stand. The Pagal Nala and roads remind you of BRO's witty boards. Do not stop at every other point to take photos, unless you wish to miss the sunset view at Pangong Lake. You may not like where you stay – Camp or small cottage, limited & not so tasty food. But remember, whatever you are getting, it is a privilege transported from Leh market. So, forget everything; it is time for soul-searching in the beautiful blues.

Day 7 - Pangong to Nubra (150 Km)

Today we are riding on an incredibly moody road with a wide variety of terrains, changing every few kilometers. The road to Nubra will confuse you whether to look on the road or the beautiful view of oasis in the high-altitude desert. I hope you never get confused. Who knew crossing a dry river could also be so painful while crossing Shyok River. What are the perks you get going so far- ride of a smelly double hump camel, bonfire, & music - a perfect way to nourish your vitals and soul at the Himalayas? Isn't it?

Day 8 - Nubra Valley – Turtuk – Thang – Nubra (190 Km)

It is the day when we explore an untouched destination - Turtuk; once a part of Pakistan until 1971. Take it as an opportunity to explore the culture and hardship of locals who live with these extremities. Soon after we head to the last Indo Pak border town – Thang. You have to be there to understand rider's feeling of the farthest village of India. Do not forget to take a snap with the mighty K2. We will return to Nubra valley in the evening.

Day 9 - Nubra – Khardungla- Leh (130 Km)

"Let's Go! We are leaving to witness a human-made wonder. A lot has been and is being said about Khardung-La. We also observe a 50 ft tall statue of Maitreyi (Buddha) en route. Even though the roads are broken, muddy, and narrow, there is still a road to the highest motorable road for a civilian. While you ride for the hilltop, you understand the toil it takes to build and maintain a road at this altitude; the respect for BRO reaches a new height. Your eyes glitter by looking at BRO’s board of highest motorable road, the feeling is so difficult to express. ‘Mission accomplished’ You along with many other overly enthusiastic riders run for the customary photograph with the board. After the joyous celebration, we drive downhill for Kilometers, feels scary while looking at endless downhill roads. We are back to Leh & oxygen.

Day 10 - Leh to Pang (180 Km)

It is time to bid farewell to Leh. We are headed towards Pang. You reach Tanglang La after riding 30 Km uphill. You can catch the breath while selfie and social media lovers click photos. There is ‘More re’. We again on the saddle and drive downhill towards Moray plains, India’s only share in the Tibetan plateau.

Day 11 - Pang to Keylong (190 Km)

With breakfast in belly & you on the saddle, we start riding. As the customary goes, Dessert is served at last. You are headed to feast the fat dessert - water crossing’s, Streams & three high altitude passes (16,500 Ft Baralacha high mountain pass, 15,547 Ft Nakila and 16,616 Ft Lachungla Pass). It is less scary than Zoji La, but not less fun.

Day 12 - Keylong to Manali (120 Km)

This morning after breakfast, we are headed to explore Himachali beauty. You enjoy different colours of beauty in Manali highway, but at times, it reminds you of Ladakh. As if, you enjoy the company of the new girlfriend, but you still miss your ex. The twist and turns on the Rohtang Pass let you enjoy the last drag of the ride. Finally, we reach Manali to leave our machines in peace. A couple of rooms will allow you to freshen before we depart. We meet again after we freshen up to share memory cards and gossip the whole trip before we leave for our destinations. We came as strangers, slowly jelling-up, becoming friends for life. “It was my pleasure riding with you.” With these words, we head back to our destinations.

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