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It is not an ordinary road to be taken. Harsh roads, extreme weather, accompanied with stunning sceneries is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, it tests your physical and mental strength.

Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

Leh Bike Trip From Delhi (Delhi-Leh-Delhi)

Are you an adventure seeker? Are Looking for Ladakh bike tour from Delhi? If you wish to challenge yourself riding on the roads full of adventure and uncertainties, then you have landed on the right plac. Ladakh won't disappoint you. This motorcycle ride starts from Manali on the very famous Manal-Leh highway, the celebrity of Highways, to Ladakh via Rohtang and Leh. En-route you'll see numerous wonders of nature and meet with challenges in the form of bad roads or no-road ,treacherous curvy trns, water crossings, Ice patches and most predictable long traffic ques if you are unlucky enough to see landslide or heavy snowfall. Train yourself mentally to challenge the Challenges.

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Day-wise itinerary as you witness the route

Motorcycle Tour Route Details

Day 1 - Delhi to Manali (Volvo Ride)

Welcome Rider. Welcome to the green city Delhi. Have a seat on a semi-sleeper bus either starting from the meeting point at the stipulated time as communicated to you. Meet your fellow riders & enjoy the comfortable overnight journey to hills.

Day 2 - Manali

Take a taxi from Manali Bus stand to the hotel. Hotel check-in shall start as per the hotel's policy. After checking in, wander around the city. We meet once again before dinner to greet and catch up with fellow riders. There, we prepare you for expected, and the unexpected - the roadmap, riding etiquette, pitfalls, & heavenly views with cold weather conditions followed by dinner.

Day 3 - Manali - Keylong (120 Km)

Wake up early & reach the parking with all your luggage for the trip. Keep your belongings in the luggage vehicle. Test the bike allotted to you & inform the team of adjustments if any. Come back after breakfast as we move forward to mount Rohtang. Fill up courage in your heart and fuel in the tank; you are going to need these a lot. Ask an experienced rider & you will know,140 Km trip is not short if it includes hilly roads and Rohtang pass. You will turn speechless by sceneries and breathless physically by the time you reach Keylong.

Day 4 - Keylong - Pang (185 Km)

As we leave for the zero fuelling station path, you might want to recheck the fuel level and high altitude medication. If you are a rider by heart, you will enjoy riding on this ironic patch - toughest yet most beautiful. Please make your mind for this appealing death road as the thought of taking a U-turn might strike any moment. Apart from enjoying the scenery, drive safely through the freezing-cold water crossings and keep an eye on falling mountain rocks. 'Baam!' The Himalayas can catch you by surprise at any unexpected moment. Your shoulders and back would be so damn tired, your executive class body wouldn't mind sleeping at Banjaara style stays in the night. In the evening, you dance to my song.

Day 5 - Pang to Leh (174 Km)

"Come on Buddy! I know this place is awesome, but what's coming next is better" says a fellow rider. We start riding away and close towards John Carters' Mars at the same time. One loses the sense of time riding on the endless road surrounded by Himalayan mountains. Although you wish to take multiple stops for photos, you can't because you just learned the lesson at Tanglang La & understand the 'Cold hearted welcome' at Leh if you reach the evening. 'Yes! I reached' says your heart by looking at "welcome to Leh' board.

Day 6 - Leh to Nubra

Let's Go! We are leaving to witness a man-made wonder. While you ride for the top of the world, you understand the toil it takes to build a road this altitude. You along with many other overly enthusiastic riders run for the customary photograph with the board. After the joyous celebration, we now ride downhill to catch a breath & some tea at Pullu. Later, we dug-dug further to the Himalayan sand desert. The ride of a smelly double hump camel, bonfire, & music - a perfect way to nourish your vitals and soul.

Day 7 - Nubra Valley to Pangong

This is not a joyous day for you if you don't love trading your way in mud & water roads. You face hilly curves at the beginning, accompanied by the roar of Shyok. Later the river following you will take over your road in the form of a few huge water crossings. If you happen to be lucky sandstorm will further come to greet you. You get to meet numerous small water bodies washing your dirty shoe before you finally reach the Majestic Lake.

Day 8 - Pangong to Leh

The day starts with a mix of excitement and nervousness for riders as well as Bollywood enthusiast. We start riding away towards Chang La pass; the roads do not let feel the bump in the bum for a while. Eventually, it reminds you where you stand. The water crossings and roads remind you of BRO's witty boards. Do not stop at every other point to take photos, unless you wish to reach Leh after Dark.

Day 9 - Leh to Sarchu

It is time to bid farewell to Leh. We are headed towards Pang. You reach Tanglang La after riding 30 Km uphill. You can catch the breath while selfie and social media lovers click photos. There is the ‘More’. We again on the saddle and drive downhill towards Moray plains, India’s only share in the Tibetan plateau. Go crazy with lenses in natural light splashes on this high plateau. Sarchu is so remote and cold; it dares you to sleep without socks. Do not waste food here; it is a much-valued luxury. Have a nice warm meal at the tent.

Day 10 - Sarchu to Manali

With breakfast in belly & you on the saddle, we start riding. As the customary goes, Dessert is served at last. You are headed to feast the fat dessert - water crossing’s, Streams & four high altitude passes. Finally, we reach Manali to leave our machines in peace. Enjoy the tasty dinner before you sleep at the hotel.

Day 11 - Manali to Delhi

Check out from the hotel as per the policy. Keep the luggage at the reception when you go out for a Manali shopping trip. Please reach the Manali Volvo Bus stand to catch the bus to Delhi. Enjoy the comfortable ride. We depart our ways from Delhi. We came as strangers, slowly jelling-up, becoming friends for life. “It was my pleasure riding with you.” With these words, we head back to our destinations.

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