Women Bike Training Center Ahmedabad India By The Dream Riders Group

Why should men have all the fun?

Riding a motorbike has always been considered as a ‘Male thing’. Taking these words literally, the Dream Riders group has started women bike training in Ahmedabad, India. Bikes across the country are considered to have those masculine feels, whereas scooters which are considered as feminine are known to be driven by women. However, The Dream Riders Group broke the entire stigma and came out with a very innovative plan.

Dream Riders Group based in Ahmedabad India has a team of very experienced and skilled trainers, which include female trainers as well. We also hire a lot of luxury bikes like Royal Enfield and Royal Enfield Himalayan. We believe in providing a very safe and comfortable environment for all the women during training. Adding on, the locations we choose for the training are also very well thought of that can give them a first-hand experience in both Off-roading and On-roading.

For safety, the purpose they provide the following facilitates to all the women for training:

Proper bikes and equipment:

The first requirement to have proper training is of a properly working bike and along with it the right equipment for safety. The right equipment has to be taken care of as they set the base foundation for the training. RE Bike riding does involve a lot of stunts and other dangerous activities which can lead to mishaps. Our team is very pro-active in the same and provides the best quality equipment for the training.

Comfortable Environment:

The environment in which we learn and the train is directly proportionate to the amount we can learn. A good, comfortable and healthy environment is the need of the hour. Our team is known to provide a great environment for our women bikers. The environment helps them to get the best out in them and learn the skills.

Prepare for the best:

As fancy as it seems, Bike riding is a very tedious task. Before any adventure, a lot of training and dedication is required to be put in. Hence, our team prepares all the women for the worst to help them experience the best ride.

For Instance, Woman who has always had a desire to travel Ladakh bike trip in their bucket list for a long time. But doe too, the right training, support, and exposure they fail to tick this off from their bucket list. Now, it’s time to break this! Women have this chance to Royal Enfield bike ride in groups to Ladakh. Ladakh is one of the favorite places of all the bike riders. The reason is quite obvious because Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is a treat for the naked eyes to witness the snow-capped mountains and the scenic beauty. One more reason why bikers love going to Ladakh is that the journey to Ladakh on Royal Enfied bike is not very easy. Rather it is not at all easy. It is one of the toughest rides for the bikers and once the bikers are able to ace the journey, they get a feeling of acceptance and pride which is like soul food for them.

Women have a habit to underestimate themselves and have been seeing carrying out the general social norms for a lot of things. However, one should never put a full stop to their inner desires even when the society is not very keen to gracefully accept their inner desires. The Dream Riders Group setting up a new trend in the market to start woman training is a big kick. This segment is for sure going to boom the market and liberate the woman travelers across.