Why June to September is the best time for Ladakh Bike Trip

Ever imagined, what would a serenity filled Cold Desert look like? If no, then you must ultimately head towards the very splendid Leh Ladakh. With its heart stealing scenic views, snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes as well as the rugged terrains, it is surely a place ‘worthy of your abundant glimpses’. Majorly prominent as the ‘Land of High Passes’, this beguiling destination has left no chance to leave the visitors awestruck with its plethora of intriguing characteristics. It has always been entailed that Ladakh is a spot which should be explored through an absolutely enchanting journey on bikes. Ladakh bike tour enables each and every visitor has a commendable view of the jaw- dropping landscapes as far as their eyes can go!

This Himalayan Wonderland can be best travelled on bike; however, it has also been considered that a journey to Ladakh and that too through Overlanding is not every biker’s cup of tea. A Ladakh bike tour is surely going to facilitate you with the extreme unruly roads accompanied with a huge amalgamation of spectacular views all along your expedition. Well, it’s undoubtedly true that every biker dreams of going on a Leh Ladakh Bike tour at least once in a lifetime with the sole intention of being a part of this flawless journey accompanied with some highly positive vibes and biker’s desire to undertake it.

Adventure enthusiasts are not solely a normal human, they are an artist! What are you waiting for? Take out your paintbrushes and start colouring the world with your commendable journeys.

Just in case, you are intending to visit Ladakh this year and that too on your two-wheeler are you aware about the most important thing? Yes, I am talking about the weather conditions there as well as the best time to visit it. So, if you have no clue about the same then you are ultimately at the right stop. Right stop… why? Firstly, since you are here, thus there exists no need for you to look out for some extraordinary Ladakh bike tour packages. This is because we already have the most apt showcase of customized itineraries for the passionate bikers. Secondly, we have exhibited the much-needed information about the best time to have an experience of the amazing Leh Ladakh. Read further…...

Best Time to visit Ladakh - Best Season

Mentioning about the most perfect tenure to visit Ladakh, it would be none other than June to September. We can’t consider this beauteous destination as an all-round one, and this is because journeying here becomes quite difficult and sometimes next to impossible during the winter months when everything here is prevalent in a frozen state. The months commencing right from June and ending by September are considered to be the finest ones since Ladakh is easily accessible during the summertime. Not only this, the varied Ladakh bike tour packages are highly in demand during such tenure.

Ladakh is literally a heart-throb and having even a fewer glimpses of such a spot is genuinely a treat for every globetrotter.

Ladakh shows distinct forms during the three different seasons i.e. Summers, Winters as well as Monsoons. However, it totally depends upon the weather conditions and the situations in Ladakh which make it accessible for all the adventure seekers from the nook and corners of the globe. Here is a brief about why is June till September considered to be a perfect time for visiting the land of Leh Ladakh. Have a look:

Why visit Ladakh during the summertime?

April is the commencing month of the summertime in Ladakh. During the daytime, temperature rises up to 30 degrees Celsius however, the conditions are not the same at night. Instead, the temperature at this moment would be around 15-20 degrees Celsius. Well, it can be said that the summertime here has normal temperature i.e. not so hot and not so cold. The summertime finally concludes by September. This is considered to be a great time for participating in the ravishing journey of Leh Ladakh since the snow over the mountains melts leading to the exhibition of a lush green environment.

How about some cultural intake from the Hermis Dance Festival?

While being here, you are going to witness a good number of tourists indulged in the splendid beauty of this commendable destination. Yes, you might be thinking that spotting the tourists is a common activity, what else more can be expected during the journey? An answer to this would also be the majorly recognized as well the highly vibrant Hermis Dance Festival celebrated here with utmost fervour. You are surely going to get speechless with the proficient skills of the artists in this festival and their vey satisfactory performances meant for your entertainment.

Nothing’s better than the pristine lakes and the night sky at Ladakh!

The lakes here are so pristine that you can even spot the inner life of the lakes. This means that you will be able to see the fishes and the aquatic life residing in the water as pure as a sapphire. You can freely gaze at the sky with your eyes wide open at night having the commendable sights of the shooting stars and the milky way galaxy. Nothing can be better than this! Lastly, paving a way for the adventure seekers, Leh Ladakh is open for the trekkers as well as the mountaineers at this time too.

On ending, I would just like to say- If you have never been to Ladakh, you are really missing out a huge chunk of adventure and thrill from your life. However, if you have already explored it, then you shall head towards the Middle Land i.e. the adventure packed Spiti Valley via an ultimate Spiti valley bike trip. While being indulged in the fun associated with it, you are never going to feel dissatisfied with the wholesome gigantic array of memories you are going to grab from the Spiti valley Bike trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, call your travel mates, get on your bikes and head towards the most joyful as well as thrill packed journey towards the Bikers Paradise- Leh Ladakh.