Ladakh Bike Tour Unconventional and Unparalleled For Couples

If you are wondering where to go travelling with your partner to next, then you could consider the high Himalayan destination that the whole world is raving about; Ladakh. As far as tourist destinations go, no one would actually describe Ladakh as a romantic destination. For many, Ladakh would mean more adventure than romance. However, if you are looking for a place to rekindle your romance by getting lost in the mysterious and the unknown, then there’s no other place quite like Ladakh.

Owing to the fact that Ladakh has also emerged as a big biking destination, a Ladakh bike trip may be just what you need to combine the romance with the adventure and have the trip of your lifetime. Over the course of this blog, we will delve deeper into some of the places that make for the best destinations on a Ladakh bike trip for couples.

But First, What is The Best Time for a Ladakh Bike Trip for Couples?

The ideal time to take your partner along with you on a bike to Ladakh would be from the month of June to the month of September. The roads to Ladakh and the ones within it stay open in June, June and October as well. However, there may be certain uncomfortable situations with respect to the weather and the roads that may prove to be challenging. Hence, the July – September window is the one that you should be aiming for.

National Highway 1 or Manali – Leh Highway?

There are two main approaches to Ladakh; one from Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley, and another from Manali. Choose NH1 if you want a smoother ride. Even though there are quite a few muddy patches and stretches on this route, it is much safer than the Manali – Leh Highway.

The Manali – Leh route is best for those with adventurous souls. This 470+ km route consists of five high altitude passes, with the highest among them, Tanglang La, situated at more than 17,000 feet above sea level. This route also has muddier and trickier sections than NH1. Altitude sickness is also a high-possibility on this route as some of the highest points have a fraction of the oxygen that is available in the air near sea level.

Preparing for Ladakh

Ladakh poses many challenges, even for the most brave-hearted of travellers. The main concern is always the altitude and why wouldn’t it be? After all, ‘Ladakh’ does mean the land of high passes. Some of the passes that you have to traverse would take you up to heights where there is not a very high level of oxygen. At these heights, typically above 13,000 feet, altitude sickness is a high possibility.

It’s best to start a course of acetazolamide when you begin the journey. Commonly sold under the brand name Diamox, this medication is an effective shield against symptoms of altitude sickness.

Then there’s the cold. While the major towns and cities in Ladakh experience warm weather during the day in the July – September period, nights are always cold. Temperatures often drop below 5°C at night, which means that you simply can’t do without minus temperature jackets, gloves and boots.

You should also ensure that your bike is in perfect condition before you begin your Ladakh bike trip in 2020. There are repair workshops in the major towns. However, there are numerous sections on various roads within Ladakh where you will not find any habitation, let alone a bike repair centre. Whenever you do find a service centre though, have a mechanic check your bike for damage and wear-and-tear.

The Ideal Places to Visit in Ladakh for Couples

Leh: Ladakh’s biggest town sees a lot of tourists, both Indian and international, during the peak tourist season. As a result, there are also many cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering food. Places to see in Leh include the Leh Palace and the Shanti Stupa.

Turtuk: Cross the Khardung La (one of the highest mountains passes in Ladakh at over 17,500 feet) and head into the Shyok Valley. At the very end of the valley lies Turtuk, a quaint little village that was a part of Pakistan before India occupied it in 1971. You must try out the apricots here. Places to visit in Turtuk include the ancient TurtukGompa and the waterfall, which you can reach only after a steep 2 km climb.

Hunder: On your way back to Leh from Turtuk, stop at the sandy village of Hunder; a true mountain desert. They have camel safaris here. So, get off your bike here and take it slow with your partner on the back of one of the local Bactrian camels, known for their double hump.

Tso-Moriri: The Tso-Moriri or Moriri Lake is one of the biggest high-altitude lakes in Ladakh. Pangong Lake may have a greater presence in the tourism limelight, but that doesn’t make Tso-Moriri any less. Located in the Changthangregion of Ladakh, this lake is the perfect place to spend a night out camping. It might get very chilly though, but you wouldn’t mind would you? That’s when cuddling with your partner is the most fun.

Suru Valley: From Kargil, head towards Padum in the Zanskar valley. Before you reach Zanskar however, you would be greeted by Ladakh’s greenest valley; Suru. Some of the valley’s villages have staggering views of the towering mountains Mt. Nun and Mt. Kun in the high Himalayas. During July, an assortment of colourful flowers dots the green landscape here, making it the picture-perfect backdrop for you to let your heart out to your partner.

PhuktalGompa: A monastery that seems as if it stands at the edge of the world, PhuktalGompa is a must-visit destination if adventure is primarily what you and your partner seek. This ancient monastery in the Zanskar Valley hangs precariously from a cliff, but it has stood there for centuries. Reaching it is no easy feat, as you have to make your way on foot on a very narrow trail that hangs above the river.

If the city life has drained the romance out of you, Ladakh is sure to replenish it in abundance. Explore Ladakh with your beloved, and just see how love reaches out to find you both!