How to Prepare for Ladakh Bike Trip 2019

Are you a person who breaths travel? Or someone for whom nature is there as the best gift? If yes, then you are here at the right and at the right time. Every Traveller once in a lifetime does dream to visit Ladakh on bike. Leh Ladakh, in India, offers the viewers a treat to the eyes. The place offers a picturesque view and serene beauty which people crave for.

Ladakh, which is commonly known as the land of high passes is in Jammu and Kashmir the regions, is nestled in between the Himalayas Karakoram ranges. It is a place which is very far from the fast pace lives in metro cities. It offers a lot of peace to its travellers. However, the journey to Ladakh bike tour is very tedious and hard. One has to be both mentally and physically prepared for a Ladakh journey.

We have curated some useful tips to help one plan for a safe Leh Ladakh bike trip:

1. The very essential tools: One should always be prepared for the worst especially on such a dangerous adventure. Such essentials tools are really important in case of the breakdown of the bike which is a very common scenario due to bad roads. Essentials tools include Bike toolkit, a few flashlights, tyre repair kit, empty bottles for carrying petrol, air pump, extra tyre, jump start cables etc. as it is commonly said ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. One should be prepared with all the tools.

2. Vital Documents: Generally while planning a Ladakh trip, in the excitement we forget about the various documents we should carry. Missing documents can hamper the trip in a very serious way. Documents such as bike certificates, pollution papers, insurance certificates, driving license etc. are a must.

3. Spare parts: ‘Extra is always better’. We generally crib ourselves or our mothers for giving us extra stuff for trips. However, we thank them later because that extra stuff is a boon to us. Spare parts such as duplicate keys, oil for the engine, tuber for the clutch, extra headlights etc are a must to keep.

Some additional tips to ensure you have a smooth Leh Ladakh Trip:

While riding a bike, it is very common to feel overwhelmed. Travellers live for such exotic bike rides. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Here are some trips for the bike riders to help them have a safe trip:

1. It is always advised to drive slowly, as the road to Leh Ladakh is very tough and tough. There will be a number of speed breakers in between, and hence one should always drive at a very nominal speed.

2. The real-time to visit Ladakh is during winters when the city is covered with snow. However, everything is a flaw and so does the snow bed city has. Riding through the snow gives traction which can result in accidents. It is advised that all the travellers go slow and enjoy the journey.

3. While traveling to Ladakh on bike, one very frequently encounters water bodies. It is highly advisable to test the waters before crossing such water bodies. There are times when the water bodies are deep and it is really important to check the depth of the water bodies to avoid any mishap.

4. During heavy snow, the gear tends to get jammed. It is highly advised to keep the gear engaged regularly.

Planning a bike trip to Leh Ladakh is a very stressful task. An expert guide is needed to have a fun and safe trip. It cannot be treated as a weekend gateway and planned just 2 days in advance. A trip to Leh Ladakh needs proper planning in advance and keep a margin of at least 8-10 days.

If you are a rider, you will always hate planned trips. Travellers have a hungry soul which gets satisfied only with fresh air and scenic beauty. All must check Leh Ladakh bike tour packages and inclusion and exclusions of trip from planner.

This is the perfect time to plan for Ladakh trip, and tick off this trip off the bucket list.