Dream Ladakh Delhi to Ladakh Bike Trip 2019

Every Traveller once in a lifetime does dream to visit Ladakh. Leh Ladakh, in India, offers the viewers a treat to the eyes. The place offers a picturesque view and serene beauty to die for. The Landscape of Ladakh is imbibed with pureness and mysteries of various cultures of India. Leh Ladakh has a very different vision of life.

Ladakh, which is commonly known as the land of high passes is in Jammu and Kashmir. The region is nestled in between the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges. It is a city which is farfetched from the hustle bustle of the city life. The place impresses people with its beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, clear blue skies, green lands. The entire ambiance of this place is very calm, friendly and comfortable.

However, planning a bike trip to Ladakh is not very easy and expert guidance is a must. The 'where to go' part is not so tricky due to multiple options. However, 'how much does it cost' is the real game changer while planning for a trip. There is a common notion about Ladakh that this place costs a huge hole in the pocket, but that is definitely false. If planning the trip with proper knowledge and structured itinerary, Ladakh can cost as any other tourist destination in the country.

How exactly to calculate the minimum budget for Ladakh Bike tour?

One thing which goes without saying, Ladakh is not a weekend gateway which can be planned 2 days in advance. One who wants to go to Ladakh on a bike/ Car ride needs to plan the trip way in advance and keep 10 days minimum for the trip. The cost of the trip depends on various factors such as for how many days do you want to travel, where do you wish to stay, what all areas and places you would want to cover.

1. The Travel cost: Are you a bike lover? Do you breathe adventure? If yes, then Ladakh is the place to visit on a bike. The journey from Delhi to Ladakh bike tour via Manali is approximately 1100 km and journey from Leh to Delhi via Srinagar is 1200 km. The main expense is of the fuel. If an estimate of 10 km per liter is considered, your vehicle almost consumes 400 Liters of fuel. Depending on the current price of fuel in your city, this gives a rough estimate of the cost of travel.

2. Stay Cost in Ladakh: People who visit Ladakh don’t visit it to stay in a beautiful hotels, which the place hardly caters to. People visiting Ladakh are mainly those people who are passionate about nature. Ladakh is an extremely cost-efficient place when it comes to staying. One can find a place for as cheap as 500 Rs per night. Pangong hardly has any hotels, it has tents which cost as low as 200 Rs per night. The cost of the stay would be roughly around 500-600 if you are traveling solo and 300-400 if you have a company alone.

3. Food cost: Food cost is something which really varies from person to person. It all depends on what you eat and where you eat from. However, Ladakh is loaded with local restaurants which are not very expensive. At an estimate, an individual will be spending roughly 400-500 per day on meals, which we feel is a great deal.

4. Other Miscellany Costs: This section really fluctuates from person to person. Other costs involve shopping costs and all. 

Riders don’t really indulge in well planned trips. All they are hungry for is the fresh air of nature. So it’s time to plan a ladakh bike tour, and together survive the cold whistles, ugly weathers, blocked roads and have a trip for a lifetime.