Bhutan in December Things to Do in Bhutan in Winter

The holiday season is around the corner. This is just the time when people start making all of their trip plans. Scurrying through the internet to find an exotic location to spend the vacations becomes a daily task. One destination that people may want to consider this travel season in Bhutan. Bhutan offers a great deal of scenic beauty and snow-laden landscapes to mesmerize visitors every winter.

The beauty of the place and the vast options to spend a fantastic trip make Bhutan a must-visit destination in winter. This would give travelers a tremendous opportunity to experience a different culture and environment altogether. The country is famous for its magnificent mountains and unique architectural monuments and monastery. There are a lot of things to do in Bhutan in winter.

Why Visit the Exotic Country of Bhutan

The most beautiful thing about the country of Bhutan is the varied weather conditions in the northern and southern halves during winter. During the winter months, the southern regions experience comparatively warmer temperatures and pleasantly blue skies. The mountains and areas in the north experience incredible snowfall and clear skies. This is the beauty of the magnificent land of Bhutan.

The weather during winter has something to offer for everyone. Another interesting reason to consider Bhutan during winter is that it has low tourist flow. This makes the expenses drop down by a considerable difference. The culture and festivals of Bhutan are very famous for their uniqueness and spectacular celebrations. Many of these festivals take place during the winter months. It is worth it to attend these festivals. This brings in a cultural and traditional experience of a different level.

What Is The Climate Like  In Bhutan During Winter?

The climate of Bhutan varies greatly depending on the altitude and geographic proximity to India. This profoundly influences the temperature, amount of snow and rainfall. The Indian Monsoon also affects the climate. This variation has divided the country into various climatic zones and regions. Broadly, the country four different seasons, throughout the year.

The winter months in Bhutan extend from November to late March. This is the duration when the real beauty of snow-covered mountains is at its peak. The regions at an elevation of 3000 meters above sea level exhibit the splendid cold weather accompanied by hail and snow.

The northern regions during winter months experience very cold temperatures that vary throughout the day. The morning temperatures observed varies in the range of 9 to 12 degrees. On the other hand, night temperatures can get even colder. The temperature goes as low as -5 degrees during winter nights. The weather in southern regions experiences comparatively milder winter. The temperatures remain rather pleasant. This region has daytime temperatures in the range of 17-18 degrees. At the same time, night temperatures never go below 4-5 degrees.

Places to see in Bhutan in Winter

There are various sights to visit on a trip to Bhutan. People can choose from several

• Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest Monastery)
Built-in 1692 the Taktsang Goemba is an auspicious Buddhist monastery. This monastery is also known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This name comes from the legend in which Guru Rinpoche flew to a vertical cliff on the back of a flaming tiger. This cliff is situated 3000m to the north of Paro on which today the monastery stands brilliantly.

• Dzong (Bhutanese Fort)
It was built with the architectural panache of traditional Bhutanese architects. These buildings have a broad base along with tapering tops that give them an antique look. These buildings are decorated ornately with a combination of various colors and shapes. These buildings are now used as administrative buildings.

• Buddha Dordenma
This marvelous statue towers 515m high. The figure is situated on the top of a hill that overlooks the city of Thimphu. The central aspect that makes this monument a top tourist attraction is that the statue has a collection of 1, 00000 miniature Buddhas inside it.

• Royal Manas National Park
Bhutan offers an exotic national park that houses a plethora of animals and bird varieties. This park is situated in the region of Zhemgang, Bhutan. The national park is along the border of Manas Tiger Reserve. 

Fun And Adventurous Activities to do In Bhutan

The anticipation of fun and enjoyment on a trip to Bhutan does not end with just sightseeing. Bhutan has to offer several adventurous activities and excursions for tourists. Some of these activities are given below.

• Adventure Trekking
During the winter months, it is more advisable to indulge in lower altitude treks. Due to probable bad weather conditions and the risk of uneven and unsafe trails, all higher altitude treks are closed. One trek that is popular among people who have visited Bhutan in winter is Nabji Khorpu trek.  This trek takes place at an altitude of 2000m from sea level. If visited in the month of January there is the possibility of witnessing the local festivals of the district of Trongsa.

• Witness the Festivals
Like every country, Bhutan is filled with a diverse cultural ambience. Being a Buddhist country, they celebrate festivals all year round. One of their famous festivals called Dochula Tsechu is celebrated every year in the month of December. Taking a trip in winter gives ample chances to experience the richness of Buddhist culture in Bhutan during this festival.

• Enjoy the Lip-Smacking Food
The country of Bhutan has a diverse food culture. People can find cuisines like Tibetan, Nepali and even Indian food in Bhutan. Just like any other aspect of Bhutan, food does not cease to surprise travelers. The national dish of Bhutan called ema-datshi is popular across the world. The main reason for its fame is the fact that is made of chili. It is a chili and cheese stew that is served with a portion of rice.

• Shop the Quirky Arts And Crafts of Bhutan
For people who like to take back souvenirs from a trip may find it very amusing that Bhutan is the house of 13 varieties of art and crafts. These are popularly known as Zorig Chusum. The beauty of these works is the sophisticated design and deep-seated Buddhist virtues and philosophy. These have been a part of the country’s culture since the 15th century.

Must-Have Item List for a Trip to Bhutan in Winter

For the people planning a trip to Bhutan in winter, there are a few things to consider while packing. Taking the weather and tour itinerary into thought, it is better to pack well rather than regret later. Here is a list of must-have items to bring along on a trip to scenic destinations of Bhutan

  • Warm clothes like jackets, pullovers, and sweaters
  • Trekking shoes if going on a mountain trek is on the agenda
  • Enough cash to cover the expenses
  • Sunglasses and trekking gear
  • An easy to carry backpack
  • Essential toiletries
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • A nice camera and charger to capture the view
  • Do not forget the travel documents necessary like Identification Card, hotel bookings and transportation bookings.

Some Things to Keep In Mind for the Winter Trip to Bhutan

There are many tips that can make the entire experience of a trip much more memorable. Planning a trip to Bhutan in the winter enjoys the main benefit that it does not face the issues of the peak season rush. A winter sees lesser tourists; it greatly makes a difference in the crowd and costs of the whole trip. This makes traveling on a budget to Bhutan a feasible option.

Most high altitude trekking expeditions are not open during the extreme winter conditions. This is mainly due to the dangers of trekking in harsh winter weather. On the other hand, there are many low lying treks along the mountains that can be explored. These offer a lot of exposure to the fun of trekking without the risks of encountering lousy weather conditions.

Final Thought

There is an abundance of stuff to experience when traveling in Bhutan. A lot of interesting activities are available. The upside of this destination is that is capable of suiting any kind of traveler. People can plan a solo trip to Bhutan or visit the location with a group of friends. It can also be a women only tour of Bhutan or contrarily men only tour. People can even plan a honeymoon trip to Bhutan and spend their vacation in the splendour of the Himalayan Mountains and Tibetan culture. It is equally fit to serve as a family trip destination.

No one needs to feel left behind, as there is something to indulge in for everyone in Bhutan. One of the best things about the scenery of the Bhutan landscape is that it provides the freedom to click a whole lot of pictures. Anyone can arouse the photographer in them amidst the magnificent view and high rising snow-covered mountain ranges. For anyone planning a trip in the winter, Bhutan is a sure shot destination for fun.