A Road Trip to Ladakh

Are you looking for your next road trip? Look no further than road trip to Ladakh. With its stunningly breathtaking scenery, it is the perfect place to visit and disconnect from reality. What better way to vacation? Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is nestled right between the Himalayans and the Kunlun Mountain Range. Not only will you truly enjoy the beautiful views as you ride the open roads, but you will find Ladakh is worth a stop on your journey with for the culture and incredible sites. Here are a few things that you won’t want to miss and will have you adding Ladakh to the top of your bucket list.


First and foremost, the landscape in Ladakh is one of a kind. It has an unparalleled beauty you can’t find anywhere else. Here you will find rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys, each more beautiful and vibrant than the next. A few top sites to take in are Zanskar Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Khardung-la Pass, which is every biker’s dream since it is one of the most difficult passes to ride on. It is the perfect place for anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors and take in the picturesque scenery.


Ladakh’s cuisine has flairs of Tibetan, Nepali and Indian flavors and origins. Two treats that are unique to the area and are a must to try are Momos and Thukkpa. Thukkpa is a soup and noodle dish and Momos are a type of dumpling. If you enjoy trying new foods, you will be sure to love them! Also, be sure to try the Kashmiri Chai, known as pink tea.


If you are looking to get immersed in the local culture on your trip, you will want to plan it around one of the local festivals. There are several to choose from, such as the Losar, Hemis, Dosmoche, Losar and many others. The Indo-Tibetan people do it up big for their festivals. They are filled with dance, music and vibrant colors. You definitely will want to see the masked lamas dance during the festival. The local people are wonderful and will have you feeling very welcomed into their part of the world.


While here, you may want to get out and explore the beautiful landscape. Ladakh is known for it’s exhilarating treks. There are a good variety of peaks that are trekkable such as Stok Kangri, Nun-Kun and Kang-Yatse. You can decide to go with or without a guide depending on your comfort and skill level. If trekking is something you want to experience, keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling and the altitude change. A trek into the gorgeous scenery will not only be good for your body but it is also good for the soul to get back to nature.


In Ladakh, you will have your fair share of Buddhist Monasteries and gompas to discover. These ancient monasteries are home to beautiful décor, ancient manuscripts, sculptures and relics. A few you will be sure to want to explore are Thiksey, Alchi, Diskit, Matho, Stakna and Phyang. There are several others as well. Most monasteries in the area are located up on a hillside a little isolated.

Roads were built for one reason only – to travel and difficult and sometimes harsh roads of Ladakh are not an exception. Happy Journey to Ladakh.