7 wonderful places to visit in Meghalaya

"Half Way To Heaven"

"Half Way To Heaven: 7 Must-Visit Places in Meghalaya"

Meghalaya, situated in the Northeastern region of India, is named after two words, "Megh" and "Alaya," which translates to "abode of the clouds." This state is known for its rich biodiversity, unique cultural celebrations, and stunning landscapes that offer a range of experiences for adventure-seekers and those in search of tranquillity. Meghalaya shares its borders with Assam in the northeast and Bangladesh in the south and is home to the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias tribes.

Here are seven must-visit places in Meghalaya:

1) Double-decker Living Root Bridge

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, this saying is made for this bridge because this bridge is made by their locals with the roots of rubber trees & this is close to 200 years old. It's Located in one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunji. The 3 km trek to the bridge begins at Tyrna town (which is 20km from Cherrapunji).

The most thrilling experience is when the Umshiang river flows below the root bridge and you are walking over it. Experience the place where nature & hard work come together and made history.

Strength: Oldest man-made bridge made from living roots

Location: Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

The best chance to visit: Apart from May to September


2)Wah Umngot River (Dawki)

The scenic allure of the Wah Umnhot River, commonly known as Dawki, speaks for itself and requires no formal introduction. Situated to the west of the Jaintia Hills, Dawki marks the border between India and Bangladesh. While some people mistakenly believe that the river's name is Dawki, it is actually the name of the village where the river flows. The Umngot River in Dawki is renowned for its dark green and exceptionally clear water, which is a testament to its natural beauty. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the river is also blessed with minerals, including coal and limestone deposits. The water is notably transparent with light green hues, and the small boats on the river appear like precious gems.

Speciality: look at the photo.
Location: West Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: November to April


3) Mawryngkhang Trek (bamboo bridge)

The people of Meghalaya have a way of life that prioritizes living in harmony with nature, and one beautiful example of this is the Mawryngkhang trek. This thrilling 2 km trek, locally known as the "Bamboo Trek of Meghalaya," is located in the East Khasi Hill region of Meghalaya and starts from the town of Wahkhen. The trail was constructed by villagers using only bamboo and ropes, without a single nail, showcasing their exceptional design skills. This design allows trekkers to traverse the path safely, even with a 200-meter fall. Some people consider it the most terrifying trek in Meghalaya, making it an exciting and challenging experience for those who love adventure. If you fall into this category, you should visit and give it a try.

Specialty: Scariest Trek of Megahalaya Tour
Location: Mawlyngot, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: November to May


4)Mawphlang sacred forest

The Mawphlang Sacred Forest, also known as Law Lyngdoh, is located in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong and is a protected area. This forest has been safeguarded by the locals since ancient times and remains untouched and unexplored. According to the locals, visitors are not permitted to take anything from the sacred forest, not even a small stone or twig. As per the local belief, If you do take something, a misfortune will wait for you. The forest boasts a diverse flora that includes a variety of plants, trees, and rare flowers such as orchids. Additionally, lush grasslands surround the protected forest, creating a striking contrast to the vegetation within.

Speciality: mysterious cultural belief
Location: khasi hill, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: you can visit any time


5) Wei Sawdong Falls

Wei Sawdong is named after its square-shaped pool, with "Wei" meaning square and "Sawdong" meaning shape. It is a three-tier waterfall located in Sohra, about 2km away from Deinthlen falls. To reach the viewpoint, visitors must walk for about 20 minutes through a forest with no proper path. Instead, the trail consists of roughly-built bamboo stairs, damp earth, and a forest walk-like experience. The stairs can be muddy and slippery, and some parts may seem challenging at first, but as visitors progress, they can appreciate the journey. The waterfall is famous for its uniquely clear and sparkling green-coloured water. The forest surrounding the waterfall is lush with a rich variety of plant life, adding to the natural beauty of the area.

Speciality: 3 Layer water drop
Location: Sohra, Cherrapunji

Best time to visit: Apart from May to September as it is very dangerous.

6) Phe- Phe waterfall

Phe Phe Falls, a stunning natural wonder, can be found in the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, approximately 20 kilometres away from Jowai. This hidden gem is nestled in the Jainta Hills, offering a breathtaking display of nature's beauty. The falls are set against the backdrop of blue skies and rolling hills, bathed in a layer of light and shadow. Visiting this site is akin to entering a realm of paradise, as the sparkling blue water of the falls is crystal clear and pure. If you desire to witness this remarkable wonder for yourself, a visit to this enchanting location is a must.

Speciality: blueish waterfall Drop
Location: Jaintia Hill, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: September to May 


7) Laitlum Canyon

Located 21 km away from Shillong, Laitlum Canyon is renowned for its breathtaking green landscapes and stunning views. It's a relatively unexplored tourist spot in Meghalaya that's perfect for nature lovers who enjoy discovering hidden treasures. The beauty of the canyon's slopes is enhanced by the enchanting sunsets and sunrises, making it appear almost surreal.

Speciality: Outstanding views & thrilling escapade.
Location: East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: September to April


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