5 Epic Ways to Fulfill Your Adventures in Ladakh

We all know, that for us travelers and adventure seekers, our mother Earth is one big playground. But some specific areas in our beautiful world simply takes it to another level and Ladakh is no exception to that. Are you feeling ready to embark on an epic journey like no other, through the land of high passes, but still wondering how? With these 5 ways, you are bound to fulfill that desire that is burning inside, to experience the long-awaited adventure in magical Ladakh!

Trekking & Outdoors

Trekking and venturing into the great and pristine outdoors of Ladakh is hands down one of the best ways to have an adventure here.

Whether you are a beginner or a trekking enthusiast with good mileage on your legs and experience, here you are bound to find an adventure that will both challenge and leave you speechless!

Rich with wildlife, unique and jaw-dropping panoramic views and trails that will steal the show, Ladakh is definitely one of the best places to trek in India and the world!

Check out some of the most popular and unique treks in the land of high passes:

  • Sham Valley Trek. One of the easiest treks out there with lower altitudes and plenty of accommodations along the way. Perfect for beginners or those who want to test it out before embarking on a more serious trek. But don’t sleep on it tho, it will present some challenges!
  • Zanskar Chadar Trek. Up for one of the hardest challenges and don’t mind the freezing cold? Hike the frozen Zanskar River and discover Ladakh in new colors with this epic 100 km trek.
  • Markha Valley Trek. The advanced and very popular trek which lets the adventurers connect with the culture and heritage of the region by stumbling upon ancient monasteries as well as national parks and wildlife with picturesque views lead the way.


Motorbiking the High Roads

It's you and your iron horse, while you find yourself surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and desert valleys on the roads that reach the sky with mind-blowing altitudes.

Can there be a more epic adventure in Ladakh? I don’t know!

It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger or a driver, experiencing Ladakh with a motorcycle is once in a lifetime experience and today it is more than easier to do that.

Get those engines roaring and ride through the highest mountain passes and motorways on the planet, while still visiting various sites, authentic Ladakh village, and camping by the pristine lakes.

Today it is more than easier to venture out on the remote roads with amazing 12-day tours and companies like Dream Riders providing an extensive selection for those who love to have a challenging, adrenaline-filled and adventurous affair.

Join hundreds of riders that come to experience something that can only be done here, in majestic Ladakh.

Wild River Rafting

If you are looking for a truly wild and thrilling challenge in Ladakh, then look no further than river rafting in Zanskar Valley.

You will have a chance to take on the ever turbulent and rumbling waters of Zanskar River while running down the valley, as the Ladakh’s faithful spectacular views will be with you as always.

Defeat the obstacle, feel the adrenaline and explore the Ladakh through the waterways you never thought you could!

Running the Ladakh Marathon

Seems like Ladakh is truly here to test the limits of human physical and mental abilities.

Ladakh Marathon is held in the town of Leh and is claiming to be the world’s highest marathon being performed at the staggering heights of 11,500 to 17,618 feet.

Starting from the beautiful peace monument Shanti Stupa, it will be a beautiful adventure and a daring challenge all at once, whether it is 7km distance or a full marathon of 42km crossing the Leh Valley and Indus River.

Run with locals, love the views and simply have a good time! The Ladakh Marathon can easily become your next big adventure!

The Exotic Camel Safari

Still wondering if there are any other ways to embark on an epic adventure in Ladakh? Yes yes, there is!

Camels have been a major transportation mode for centuries, and you can travel back to those times and journeys on the famous Silk Road.

The double-humped Bactrian Camel will take you across one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, the Nubra Valley.

The magnificent Nubra Valley is where you will be able to truly capture and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Ladakh at a slower pace while exploring the corners that only Camel transportation can provide. Enjoy!