11 things to keep in mind while visiting Ladakh on Motorcycle

One destination in the Himalayas everyone dreams of riding a motorcycle to with a gang of friends? It is Ladakh, every Rider's dream!


Ladakh hosts places that will leave you spellbound. The dream destination Ladakh or "the land of passes" attracts riders with its snow-capped mountains, zig-zag roads, rough dirt trails, blue rivers, lush greenery and many more. If you have a strong urge to explore Ladakh, do not wait. You need to plan a motorcycle ride for 2023 while keeping a few things in mind.

Here are 11 things to know before your Ladakh travel:


1) Best time to ride your bike to Ladakh

The best time to visit Ladakh on a bike would be between June and September. During this time, the roads are clear and the weather is relatively warm, making it the ideal time for a motorcycle trip. However, keep in mind that some of the high-altitude passes may still be closed due to snowfall, so it's best to check the road conditions before you plan your trip.


2) Warm Clothes:

Even though Ladakh is famous for the unpredictable weather that changes by the minute, face numbing cold climate stays omnipresent for most of the year. Nights are usually shivering cold. Carry ample warm clothes for the tour including some cotton t-shirts, thermals, light woollen, and waterproof jackets, in your bag.


3) Much-needed Documents: 

You must always carry government-verified identification cards. For an Indian, it makes sense to carry any two of these - an Aadhar card, passport, driver's licence, or voter ID. An Inbound traveller from another country should carry a Driving license preferably an IDL, Passport & Visa (a printout of e Visa). There are a few additional documents you can carry for ease of travel. This includes a printout of your itinerary, a copy of your tickets, a copy of your health insurance, a copy of your hotel room confirmation, and a passport-sized photo.

Make sure you have both the original and a photocopy of these identification cards with you. 


4) Altitude sickness: 

The average altitude in the Ladakh region is 10000 ft. With sudden altitude gain and the inability to adapt to the thin air with 50% lesser oxygen, one can fall sick easily. Vomiting, nausea, headache, and dizziness are a few initial symptoms of the approaching elephant (AMS). The best way to avoid mountain sickness is to ascent gradually or take a day's rest at Leh before heading to higher altitudes. For heart patients, or who have asthma or have a history of Blood pressure & sugar, it is advisable to discuss this with their doctor before heading for such an expedition.


5) Carry a good amount of cash with you: 

It is advisable to carry sufficient cash from your hometown. Ladakh is a remote destination (still by 2023 standards). Beyond Leh & Kargil, ATMs are not available. UPI payments are accepted in these towns. You can find a few ATMs in Leh & Kargil market. But on a short supply day, you could end up visiting multiple ATMs before you get cash or maybe not at all.  


6) Good Shoes

Footwears are often a neglected topic of trip preparedness, but good Shoes are key to a fantastic ride in Ladakh. When planning a Ladakh bike tour, it's important to have the right footwear. Choose shoes which offer excellent protection for your feet and ankles. You'll want to choose shoes that are comfortable, durable, and provide good traction on the road. When you are riding


7) Carry dry snacks and water 

Carry a bag full of dry snacks and a reusable bottle of water. You burn calories at a higher rate in high altitudes. On the other hand, your digestion speed slows down due to low oxygen. Bring foods which help you recover your energy fast. You can bring chocolates, glucose biscuits, nuts, dry fruit, and wafers with you. Do make sure to drink water regularly to stay hydrated and active.


8) Alcohol Consumption: 

There are no hard and fast rules against drinking in Ladakh. It is still advisable to avoid it. Drinking at such altitude can lead to dehydration leading to health issues or can be Fatal as well. 

If you do want to consume alcohol at the altitudes, refrain from drinking on the two days of arrival at Leh. Do not try to get intoxicated & drink to keep your body warm by keeping a limit of 2 pegs.


9) Medicines and Skin care essentials: 

A long-duration journey can be stressful for your body and mind. You should carry basic medicines for upset stomach, headache, cold, and fever. And along with it don’t forget to carry some of the essentials like phone chargers, Comb, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Towel, Shampoo, Soap, Facewash, Toilet paper, Sunscreen Lotion, Sunglasses and other important things. 


10) Mobile Network

On the ride feel free to keep your phone in flight mode as your phone will receive no signal on this journey. In Ladakh, a Postpaid connection works in the populated town. Airtel, Jio & BSNL Postpaid connections work. Wifi connection at the hotel may work but don't be fully dependent on it. 

Make sure the connection is active before you start for Ladakh. Don't hastily buy a postpaid connection at the last minute for a Ladakh trip.


11) Respect nature and the locals: 

Last but not least, you must respect the environment and people there. We go on vacation to make memories and frequently return with a camera full of photos. But keep in mind that there are places where people don't enjoy having their pictures taken. Be a nice tourist and respect the privacy of residents.