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Gone are the days when females were bound by traditions, meant to do all the household chores, housekeeping and child-rearing; when it was the women who had to stay at home. It was a dream for them to pursue their passions and had to compromise, killing all their aspirations and desires to be that ‘proud and independent’ lady that they always wanted to be; when girl child was less favoured and the dowry system grew exponentially. This was the time when there were no opportunities for women to stand as an individual and raise their voice to curb the gender inequalities in the society! Who thought that there would be a near end to this social norm?

With the advancements in technology and the changing trend of the 21st century, women are realizing their self-worth along with the mentality of the people transforming from being narrow to broadminded individuals. The time is changing, so are the women who are taking up the motorcycle riding in record numbers! With women empowerment growing rapidly and their love for wheels, we see 1 in 4 motorcycle riders (including passengers) are females.  

As India's biker women are taking to the roads, this offers a sense of acceptance and independence. They might make up a minimal percentage of the traffic here, but those in the saddle are arguably trailblazers in multiple ways.

Although motorcycle riding has been stereotypically seen as a male-dominated activity, women riders are on the increase.

Women are now breaking records. Chithra Priya is India's only female rider to cover 1600 km in 24 hrs, the first Indian women biker to enter the saddle sore hall of fame. She proved the fact that women are no more inferior to men. Adding on, the astonishing record of Roshini Sharma who went against all odds and travelled the length of India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and in the process, she ended up being the first Indian women who had dared to do so! As Roshini Sharma says,‘ I am cent per cent sure that a woman can travel alone, for as long as she wants, if she is courageous, confident by herself in her own ways, wise, quick thinking and alert every time. It’s a myth that women cannot travel alone and it’s unsafe. You decide the safety by yourself ’!

This gives a sense of confidence to all the other girls out there! It’s your time now,  let's break the barriers, face the fears and accept the challenge! If you have the passion for you, no one can and no one should stop you!

This is a society where most of the women are forced to take the backseat. It’s time for you girls to break this accepted norm and stand for yourself ! Have the passion? Then don’t fear and just do it! Because YOU CAN and YOU SHOULD!

 Meet the next rising star, Sonia Jain, The First Indian women to ride 100 motorcycles! This lady has been an inspiration to many and has registered her name in the Limca Book of Records along with India Book Of Records (IBR) for the year 2017 for riding 100 different models of motorcycles, the highest number by a woman in the country, as of August 16, 2016. She rode each bike for a minimum of 5 km to 500 km. The motorbikes varied from 60 CC, 63 kg Sunny to 1811 cc, 360 kg Indian Roadmaster.

Sonia Jain, who is 31,  said, ‘This is indeed a very big deal for me and I am thankful for all the opportunities that I have received. When you are passionate and believe in something/ anything so strongly it works as your strength and pulls you up to make you a stronger and better person. That's exactly how I feel about my sport. My passion keeps me happy, healthy and focused. I have been in this profession for 8 years and I look forward to learning something new every day. I still have a long way to go and many new roads to tread'.

Isn’t this a booster to all the passionate women who love to ride and travel? Did you know that median age for a female motorcyclist is 39 and 48 for males? It has also been found that riding reduces stress levels and more than half of the women who ride consider their motorbike as a source of happiness. 74% of women riders believe their lives have improved since they started riding journey.

Riding through the roads changes your life as it gives you a sense of freedom, independence and a feeling of pride as you know that you have made it through, from the pillion(backseat) to riders seat! "People say girls can't kick-start bikes or put them on a stand without the help of a man; I just wanted to prove girls can do that too."  says Dr Aparna Bandodkar, an avid rider, bullet lover, and an ‘EnfieldManiac'. She describes her big beast as ‘Bijli’ (Thunder), the Royal Enfield Standard 350 motorbike.

Women on motorcycles are powerful and versatile. They’re learning that if you can master your motorcycle, you can master anything. A transformation that begins with one, inspires others who are ready to make a change, with an established community waiting to welcome and provide support.

Seeing a woman revving up her bike, wearing a leather jacket, gloves and sunglasses before going off on a long ride to the hills might be a rare sight even today. But scores of women in India are breaking gender stereotypes and taking on the open road.

Women are now shedding their inhibitions and pursuing motorcycles. The same ‘women’ who were forced to stay at home and do the household chores, the same women who were n’t allowed to go to school, the same women who were not allowed to be on this Earth. These ‘women’ are doing wonders today! To all the strong women, Stay this way, Ride Safe! We hope to see more of you! The confidence takes away the fear which is important for all of us.

 We salute them and expect them to grow in numbers creating a marked influence on many of them.

This is the ‘huge transformation’ – A new beginning! 

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