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You might have seen Kutch in its pure pearl beauty in the Gujarat tourism ad starring Amitabh Bachhan, you might have been fascinated by the place or you might have planned to visit it someday. We are all intriguing beings, we plan so much and so loud but when it comes to execution, we just fail to pertain our dreams in reality's moonlight. Rann of Kutch, or just Kutch, is not an everyday journey stereotyped into a certain description. Kutch just can’t be described. It is an amalgamation of numerous diversities, a window to the golden history of India. It’s an ocean of desert, standing upright and harsh, but warm in its approach.

If you’re here, scroll down the screen, indeed you’re planning a visit to Kutch and are pretty much certain or still doubtful. But, let me tell you one thing, visiting Rann of Kutch is going to be one of the myriads of your life. The place has so many colours and emotions that I always feel my eyes can’t get enough of. The conditions are really challenging for the locals, but their lives equally colourful and fulfilling. You might have read a lot about Gujarat's riches and prosperity, but history awaits your arrival to knock the truth and grandeur in your heart. You’d understand why this land of Asiatic lions has always glistened brighter than gold?

The attractions of Great Rann are in plenty, there’s RannUtsav, there are migratory birds, there’s the patriotic borders, innumerable stories, the desert showered with salt and the fantasy which the full moon creates on the white sands without having it touched. I doubt if I’ve seen a more pleasant elegance than it. Imagine the well cladded, colourful and top notch decorated camels humping the place around with their embroidered sash. The RannUtsav is a world in its own, you can partake in the adventures, treat yourself to the intricacy of Gujarati cuisine, you can go for camel rides or paramotoring, you can also let you body taste yoga and meditation or indulge it in the glorious and luxurious spas.

The Gujarati folk can be seen wearing and embroidering their traditional Bandhnis and only few can actually resist the temptation of buying something similar for themselves. If you think, this is enough about your journey, you’re mistaken. This is just the beginning, trailing a lot that’s still left for you. The Haji Pir Dargah here invites even the Pakistanis and people from all around the world, from all aspects and religions delegating their faith and strength in the truth and true. Even the migratory birds find it hard to stay away from this pious salty marsh and come to its rescue when they know their going is getting tough at their native place. They fly miles just to have themselves landed here.  

I have always wondered about these birds, like us are not here only for solace and comfort, their wings are, in all probabilities, addicted to the sight and smell of the wilderness and beasts here. Kutch is not just beautiful or challenging, a rescuer or a shelter, a white desert and that too, marshy, Kutch is still not limited by this. Kutch is endless, our Great Rann is not shortened by any limitations of greatness. This desert also hosts palaces and some rugged hills and terrains, deadliest roads gallantly guided by our men in Olive green. Yes, this desert is royal and it has a palace, even Bollywood has been quite mesmerized by its grandeur and given itself the sovereignty of depicting it.

You’d be surprised to know that these lands once had the riches that European countries couldn’t succumb, despite their joint efforts. This desert, which demures itself with so much quietness and beauty is itself veiled with waters during the monsoon. I have heard many times, many people referring to the mountains as heavens but I wonder if Kutch could be one. And if it is, this heaven is not bound by any geographical, cultural or religious boundaries. This heaven is not a nest of paradise because it was born like that, it is because it has blessed the endeavour and calmness of the white sands with the drops of colours. The vegetation is undoubtedly scarce here, but the willpower of locals isn’t. They have carried the tradition of India in their restless turbans and focused eyes.

Visit Kutch if you want to see the vastness of this Great salt desert and visit it if you want to mirror your identity and lost parts in your journey.

“Kutch Nahin Dekha, to Kuchh Nahin Dekha”

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