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The winter, though cold, springs many a splendour of nature. If there’s anything in common with the winter and a rider, it is the ubiquitous call of determination over the foggy challenges. The trips and tours are in plenty, even the season doing the travellers a favour, sometimes in the form of momentous migration to avoid the harsh weather, at times to see the vim of winters at its best, sometimes to challenge ourselves and sometimes because we just want to. Riding any distance is challenging and fulfilling in its own way, you face the weather bare hearted, with no cot or cover, you live the journey being one with your bike and for a rider, nothing is more “Gearsome” than that. Let’s take a look at the best winter rides in India:

Rajasthan: the palace of India

Rajasthan has attracted tourists from everywhere, even the invaders could never have enough of this state. Rajasthan is one of the most popular destinations in India, credits to the Royal jharokhas, the spectacular Bandhej, the city of lakes, the city of palaces, the desert Thar, the ranges of Aravalli, the endless palaces and its incorrigible cuisine. The best thing about India is that even if you head out to visit one prominent relief feature, you’ll be bestowed with all the nature has to offer. Who had thought that these barren lands can host the most poignant and grand forts and warriors of all? These gallant lands have an aura of touching its visitors with royalty, but only after it has tested their will and dedication. Riding through this regal desert is rewarding and the nights equally demanding, but the armour of Maharana Pratap is worth all. Turn your steel horse towards its beloved Chetak, and go on a journey where you’ll find not only the humans and nature being worshipped but also a bike. Such is the crown of our Rajasthan, ruling proudly with mutual respect.

Kerela: the heritage of God’s

The monsoons wash the God’s lands with a great valour and happiness, and the remnants of this love are mesmerizingly visible during winters. A pleasant climate with soul hypnotizing fragrances and the anklet of water, this place is as beautiful as the words that attempt to describe it. The reason I say so is that this land is a soothing rush of the locals' attempts and optimism. Kerela has numerous beaches, the contrast of Western Ghats, its history renowned spice gardens, a centre for spas and Ayurvedic treatments, the coffee and cocoa bowl and the Fragrant tea plantations. The best breed of coffee is also needed here, there are gardens and adventure parks. This place has everything, from English medicine to Ayurvedic, tea to coffee, Ghats to beaches, humility to strength. Kerela also has several prominent sanctuaries that invite nature lovers from everywhere, the waters here know well how to tame the giant elephants and the modest birds. Ride through the God’s own country and glisten with the auspicious blessings this place will show you with.

South India: the glory of which, nature has accepted but the books haven’t

South India holds such wonders on nature and architecture that even the logic and today’s high technology kneel to. I grew up reading that the books of South India are not considered a reliable source for history as they deal with so much exaggeration. And with it, I have always questioned the fact that if we hadn’t seen the architectural marvels who still stand intact, we would have doubted their description too. Had we not seen the armour of Maharana Pratap failing dozens in carrying itself well, we would have doubted a description of the armour in books too and so is the case with the triumph of this place. The temples, the palaces and the historical essence are what draws the multitude of tourists to the place. These rich lands are not just limited to history, they also behold the endless ballads of nature. South India has got many waterfalls, some hill stations, beaches and worry mentioning a UNESCO heritage site. Riding through these lands is an era in its own.

The Himalayas: The silent Knights of India

Be it the Kashmir or Himachal, Uttarakhand or the North East, Himalayas have always something for everyone. Yes, the conditions in winter are tough, but so are you and your bike. The unexplored roads and corners, the adventure capital, the lush valleys, the snow-capped mountains and life are something you can never have enough of. Some people avoid these in winters but those who are in love with the snow, in happiness and in pain are the ones who do visit the mountains. The Gods have lived here, the civilisations have bloomed and changed here, the young mountains has protected the age-old lands and culture of ours. The queen of hills and passes, the bearer of hill stations and the home of our mighty rivers, the Himalayas invite the daredevils and courageous to ride through it. If you’re up for challenges and hardships and want to conquer yourself, no place offers better than the Himalayas.

Goa: The life of Euphoria

Goa needs no introduction and no description, the sunburn festival which hosts the whole world, the beaches that world envies, the spas, the eccentric crowd, endless parties, new year celebrations and the Goa film festival.  This destination has never failed and will never fail the tourists.

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